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n3w is here to help you grow your revenues and improve your profits using the internet and mobile technology. Finding the right pieces of the digital jigsaw and applying them in a way that is relevant to your specific business is not always easy. Mistakes will cost you time, money and lost opportunity. Using our expertise gained across many sectors you will quickly focus on what is relevant, improving your use of ‘Digital’. If you prefer to have a commercially focused discussion about digital sales & marketing we are here to help. Time to talk?

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The Tax System Explained In Beer

I recently discovered this entertaining parallel on Facebook (credit at foot of post). If only more people appreciated that folk who pay the highest taxes in the first place will obviously get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Importantly there is nothing wrong this!  Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon UK business not as big as you might think

After their recent visit with a Parliamentary Select Committee, Amazon have revealed their UK Sales figures. Read the rest of this entry »

Smartphone app inquiry launched in Australia

My word an enquiry into Smartphone apps to protect consumers… How incredibly “useful”! if I was a cynic I would think this smacked of a bunch of bureaucrats with too much time on their hands. Lucky I’m not a cynic really :)

Subscriber import has been improved in SimpleMailer

Adding subscribers to lists is a fundamental part of using any email marketing solution. We are pleased to say that we have just updated and improved the process for doing this in SimpleMailer, giving you some Read the rest of this entry »